All walks of life come into Mr. Parcel for their mail and shipping needs, but we can do more than just the stamps and envelopes! We have clients who own businesses in other states, and they’ll often bring in items that need to be properly packaged and shipped. We’ve helped ship us 4 boxes worth of china and silver being shipped. We took great care to ensure every single piece was protected. This took a little over 4 days given the delicate nature of the items. We assist customers who want to send out a generic gift to friends with kids graduating. We buy the materials if we don’t have it, package them as requested and ship based off of the addresses given. Some of these things take additional time. We can print, cut, and laminate material to mail out for you. We’ll take great care of your project, it’s what we’re good at!


For project requests that consume more than 30 minutes, we apply the hourly project fee in addition to materials and shipping. This allows us to take an employee off the floor and dedicate them to caring for your project.

Let us help with your project today!